Celebrating over 125 years of integrity, industry, and innovation.

As we recently celebrated the 125th anniversary of the founding of Grindmaster, Crathco, and UNIC, we reflected upon how who we are today started in 1865, when a 14-year old boy from Germany immigrated to Chicago to apprentice as a tin- and coppersmith.

For over a decade, he learned his craft, mastered techniques, and then began innovating. In 1893, advanced machinery was designed to produce a wide assortment of hot water, coffee, and tea urns, while preserving the quality and workmanship of the handcrafted originals.

By upholding these principles of integrity, industry, and innovation Grindmaster, Crathco, and UNIC have become established market leaders. We are proud that these brands have made significant contributions to the history and evolution of the beverage industry.

We continue to pioneer, offering an unparalleled selection of quality professional beverage equipment to best serve our customers’ needs. From before dinner drinks to after dinner coffee, our mission is to help your business become easy, successful, and profitable.