Barbarossa Coffee – Tomball, Texas, USA

Barbarossa Coffee opened its first location in May 2017. Exactly three years later Barbarossa Coffee has opened it’s the second location in Tomball, Texas. What couldn’t have been planned for is that the new location would be opening amid a global pandemic and extensive new regulations limiting customer traffic and changing how customers are served.

Barbarossa Coffee offers its customers a unique coffee experience fueled by passion. They offer their customers 20 different kinds of coffee brewed in 6 different ways. Additionally, they host coffee tasting sessions which allow their customers a guided experience in tasting the various and complex flavors of the coffee. In order to provide this experience to the customer, Barbarossa required an espresso machine that would be an extension of the barista and perform so that each coffee is presented with exactly the flavor profile desired.

The UNIC Stella di Caffe, our 3-group multi—boiler precision espresso machine matched Barbarossa’s needs exactly and had proven to be the perfect fit at the first location. For their second machine, Barbarossa Coffee, selected a UNIC Epic 3, our newest high performance 3-group multi-boiler machine. Barbarossa’s Epic 3 was installed in the new location by an ASA with extensive precautions taken to protect the installer and Barbarossa employees. The store opened on May 8 and owner Oguzhan Guragac states, “My staff is working with their masks on, washing their hands or using hand sanitizer after each customer interaction, wiping down tables and chairs immediately after customers leave.”

We are proud to partner with Barbarossa Coffee during these unprecedented times to achieve its mission to “Serve the best coffee brewed with love in Texas.”

Barbarossa Coffee